Facilities Department | 8902 Zier Rd. | Yakima, WA 98908


Fax: (509) 972-6031

7:30am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday
Closed Holidays & Weekends

A full list of our Facilities Staff is available in our staff directory.

District Warehouse Receiving Hours

12:00pm - 2:00pm
To make an appointment for drop shipments contact:


Rick Mallonee

WVSD Facilities Department manages all of the WVSD Facilities. Staff and community members may apply to use a WVSD facility or grounds for after-hours activities. Submit your request here. Instructions for using this form and other related forms can be found in our resource library.

Important Notes:

No Access/Use to School Facilities on Non School Days

When you have been approved for Facility Use in any of the West Valley School District Schools, there will be no use or access for practices/events on any don-school days including holidays and breaks unless arranged through the Facilities Department in advance. Please plan accordingly and refer to the current WVSD Instructional Calendar. Facility Use for non-district or non-school events that are held on weekends or holidays may be charged a fee. For a quote or additional information, please contact:


Jack McAskill, Facilities Coordinator

Proof of Facility Use

Always bring a copy of your approved and activated Facility Use for proof and documentation of Facility Use

Sports Sign Up Periods

First Monday in December
(Winter Sports: January - March)

First Monday in March
(Spring Sports: April - June)

First Monday in August
(Fall Sports: September - Winter Break)